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1600 Heavy Duty Vacuum Blower

Made in the USA

The certified beast of the vacuum blower range – the Challenger Series 1600 CFM tri-lobe vacuum blower tackles the toughest industry jobs with ease and efficiency. This system is built to function continuously in maximum vacuum (typically 27’’ HG) and is ideal for septic pumping, environmental waste removal and more. With its improved vacuum efficiency and reduced mechanical noise, this system will give your standard pump truck the power it needs to outperform.

Feature and Benefits

  • Features
  • Tri-lobe design with precision matching
  • Oil-less operation
  • Continuous duty performance
  • Installation ready
  • Ballast manifold available
  • Designed, built, and supported in the USA

* The maximum allowable operating vacuum will vary depending on R.P.M., ambient temperature, altitude and time running. The basic principle to keep in mind is – faster R.P.M., higher air temperature and longer run time all equal more heat in blower. When installing a NVE 1600 blower we recommend a normal R.P.M. of 3600. Other speeds are ok as long as exhaust gas temperatures read on the supplied thermometer do not exceed 380 degrees F.

Maximum Airflow 1600 CFM
*Full vacuum -
Maximum Intermittent pressure 10 psi
*Recommended Operating Speed - RPM 3600
HHp required @ 27” HG 95.4
Hp required @ 10 PSI 72.9
Porting size 6”
Shaft size (1/2” key) 1 7/8”
Blower dimension L 32 13/16” W 19 3/16” H 17”
Approximate weight 604 lbs


  • Conveniently mounts on the side of the truck frame
  • Equipped with 4-way valve, check valve, final filter, oil level sight eyes, temperature and vacuum/pressure gauges
  • Available in hydraulic or gearbox drive options
  • L 64 13/16” W 32 1/2” H 58 1/8”


  • Conveniently mounts to the truck frame
  • Equipped with 6” 4-way valve, moisture trap, stainless steel final filter, air ballast silencer & exhaust silencer, cyclonic grit ridder, 3” pressure relief valve set at 10 psi, temperature and vacuum/pressure gauges
  • L 71 11/ 16” W 29 3/4” H 61 7/8”


  • Conveniently mounts behind the cab of truck
  • Sound dampening design for quiet operation
  • Available in belt and pulley drive or hydraulic drive – SAE C Face
  • Equipped with 6” 4-way valve, check valve, final filter, oil level sight eyes, temperature and vacuum/pressure gauges
  • Easy maintenance – equipped with removable side panels
  • Easy access to both the oil fill and drain ports
  • Cyclonic grit ridder
  • Moisture trap
  • L 88 3/8” W 40 15/ 16” H 103 1/8”