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Press Contact: Jordan Fekete-Ritter (jordan.feketeritter@natvac.com)

NVE announces new investment in the production facility in Traverse City, MI: New Machines to Boost Production and Enhance Efficiency

Traverse City, Mi – [Date] – National Vacuum Equipment, a leading provider of industrial vacuum equipment, is pleased to announce further investments in its factory to increase production capabilities and further enhance customer service. The strategic move aims to leverage cutting-edge technology and automation to meet the growing demands of the market while ensuring superior efficiency and product quality.

The investment will entail the purchase and implementation of state-of-the-art machinery, enabling us to increase our manufacturing capacity. With these advanced systems, we will be better equipped to fulfill the rising orders of our customers in the liquid waste industry, portable sanitation and oil and gas industry.

The new machines are designed to optimize the manufacturing processes, allowing for streamlined production cycles and increased operational efficiency. By harnessing automation and cutting-edge technologies, we aim to reduce production time, minimize waste, and enhance overall productivity. These improvements will ultimately translate into shorter lead times, improved product availability, and a heightened ability to respond promptly to customer demands.

Furthermore, the investment in the factory aligns with our unwavering commitment to exceptional customer service. By bolstering production capacity and efficiency, we will be able to better serve our customers by meeting their evolving needs in a timely and efficient manner. The expanded capabilities will also facilitate the development of customized solutions, enabling us to address unique challenges faced by our customers.

“We are excited to announce this significant investment in our factory,” said Ken Hall, General Manager at National Vacuum Equipment. “With the addition of cutting-edge machinery and enhanced production capabilities, we are poised to elevate our manufacturing prowess to new heights. This strategic move not only reinforces our commitment to innovation and excellence but also allows us to better serve our customers in the liquid waste, portable sanitation and oil and gas industries.”

The investment in our factory marks a significant milestone in our growth strategy. By leveraging advanced technology and automation, we aim to stay at the forefront of the industry, continually meeting and exceeding customer expectations. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we are well-positioned to maintain our leadership in the market and fuel further success.

About National Vacuum Equipment:

Established in 1980, and being Part of the Atlas Copco Group, National Vacuum Equipment (NVE) is a high-growth, innovative company specializing in the design, manufacturing, and sale of premium quality industrial vacuum equipment. With a diverse product portfolio, including Challenger vacuum pumps, high vacuum blowers, code and non-code tank components, and NVE valves, we cater to various industries, such as oil and gas, liquid waste, and environmental sectors. NVE is also a leading distributor for RIV brass valves. Our relentless pursuit of excellence in engineering, manufacturing, and customer service has positioned us as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

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For media inquiries, please contact Jordan Fekete-Ritter at jordan.feketeritter@natvac.com.