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Liquid Waste

Heavy Duty Vacuum Pumps for Liquid Waste

Now more than ever, the world is collectively focused on strengthening hygiene and safety conditions. Whether it be residentially, a commercial setting or during events and instances where large groups of people are gathered. The sanitation industry needed to up the game when it came to using more efficient and environmentally friendly equipment to clean and maintain the liquid waste markets.

The liquid waste market caters to septic pumping and commercial services like restaurant grease and waste collection. The newest boom in the market being portable sanitation service that requires industrial vacuums for mobile needs, like large events and gatherings.

What are the challenges?

We’re focused on creating solutions and products that directly address sanitation needs and concerns.

  • Protecting public health – Hygienic, properly cleaned areas prevent spread of diseases.
  • Water conservation – Millions of gallons of water is wasted during a normal waste disposal process.
  • Proper disposal – Efficiently extracting and transporting waste for disposal needs the right equipment.
  • High demands – A huge surge of outdoor events brings a pressing need for proper restroom facilities and maintenance.

NVE Heavy Duty Vacuum Pumps – Reliable equipment, remarkable results

At National Vacuum Equipment, our industry-leading vacuum pumps meet every expectation to provide dependable performance for portable sanitation. We make it a point to work closely with our clients to create solutions tailored to their needs and can keep up with the demanding service routes, because as we like to say – A truck is only as good as the pump on it.

By pushing the limits of innovation every day, we design, develop, and deliver vacuum pumps that efficiently clean and remove waste while reducing the use of water, chemicals and dramatically reduces the risk of diseases that traditional methods usually employ. With each pump customized to fit your septic pumper trucks, these systems are tough, highly reliable and ensure highly efficient waste extraction and cleaning every time.

What sets NVE pumps apart?

  • Easy to clean/maintain
  • Extended pump life + 2-year warranty
  • On truck serviceability
  • 20-min quality test run
  • Powerful, reliable, efficient
  • Advanced technical specifications

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