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Heavy Duty Vacuum Solutions for Oil and Gas Industry

Powerful machinery, reliable performance

It’s gritty, it’s complex and extremely demanding- processes in the oil and gas industry are time-sensitive and produce residual waste. Vacuum pumps and blowers are ideal systems for energy industry cleanups and excavation processes.

Not only have they provided an efficient means of moving materials, but they are also a vital component in a wide range industrial procedures that require precise results. They play a key role in transforming the way liquids, gases and other materials are transferred from one location to the next. We, at National Vacuum Equipment understand how important it is for your pumper trucks to manage this kind of demand, and build vacuum machinery that make your operations safer, smarter and sustainable.

What are the challenges?

Rough environment – Processes in oil and gas require operate in a lot of high temperatures, and as such need equipment that can withstand that environment.
Need for efficiency – Waste in oil and gas industries can be toxic – full of chemicals, particulates and impurities. To extract, clean and transport it in a timely manner requires dependable equipment.
Safety – There’s a lot on the line for a critical industry like energy. Delays in processes and low hygiene standards can be costly.

NVE Heavy Duty Vacuum Pumps and Blowers – Ensuring efficient waste extractions

National Vacuum Equipment manufactures industrial vacuum pumps and blowers specifically designed for the oil and gas industry. Our powerful and dependable systems are a gamechanger for your crude oil disposal, freshwater hauling, hydro excavation needs and more.

It’s part of our mission to create innovative, reliable and cost-effective vacuum solutions for the oil and gas industry. Our Challenger series of truck-mounted vacuum pumps and blowers can speed up your waste pumping operations while lowering costs and reducing downtime and environmental impact. By understanding your truck types, goals and needs, we customize our products to match your operational requirements and provide maintenance expert support whenever you need.

What sets NVE products apart?

  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Extended pump life + 2-year warranty
  • On truck serviceability
  • 20-min quality test run
  • Powerful, reliable, efficient
  • Advanced technical specifications

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