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Your trusted mobile vacuum partner

National Vacuum Equipment

At National Vacuum Equipment, we’re leading the way in the mobile vacuum solutions industry with powerful engineering, manufacturing and customer service capabilities that are unmatched by the competition. We don’t just strive for innovation, we aim for perfection.

Born in Traverse City, Michigan – NVE designs, manufactures, and sells premium quality industrial vacuum equipment that are uniquely customized to our customer’s operational needs. Our focus areas include portable sanitation and environmental, energy including oil and gas. The Challenger Series range is our most-popular, highly efficient range of vacuum pumps and blowers, built for vacuum needs across industries.

Our wide portfolio also includes a range code and non-code tank components and NVE valves, all designed and developed in USA. We didn’t stop there either, NVE is also a proud leading distributor for RIV brass valves too.

Now as part of the Atlas Copco Group, we’re all set to take our vacuum expertise to a new level.

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Made in USA - Made for the World

Quality and reliability are our first priority

Good old-fashioned American ingenuity coupled with global standard efficiency. That’s the NVE way. Our vacuum pumps and blowers reflect our passion to create brilliant vacuum solutions that are tough and trustworthy.

Every product, every part and every service we provide is built on a total commitment to high performance standards. This ensures that every NVE product perfectly meets our user’s needs effectively and dependably. Every time you choose an NVE product, you choose reliable partner that is committed to innovation and excellence and supports your services at all times.


Our customer’s success is our success

Here’s what they’re saying!

I have two 4310 blower pumps and a 6 0 7 Challenger. All great pumps!

Joe W.
Watkins Septic & Drain LLC., Michigan

Thanks for building the best! I ran a 6 0 7 for 6 vears and not 1 issue. It was a reliable beast! Ican’t wait to pick up my new truck from Imperial Vacuum Trucks & Trailers with an 887. Thank you everyone!!

Rafi K.
A-1 Septic Service, New Jersey

NVE is the best. Thank you, Mike Chouinard, for always taking our calls for advice!

All Cen Tex Septic and Vacuum Pumping
Cedar Park, Texas